Neurons derived from transplanted SMaRT cells (shown here as both green and red cells) form connections and communicate in spinal cord tissue. Inteligex's proprietary SMaRT cells are bioengineered to address the key barriers to regeneration after spinal cord injury. #SCI #science

Congratulations to Inteligex CMO and CEO, Dr. Chris Ahuja, on being recognized with the Golden Scalpel Award from the Canadian Association of Chairs of Surgical Research!!!

Check out Inteligex's website to learn more about the exciting work being done in Toronto!! #spinalcordinjury #SCI #stemcells #regeneration #innovation #Toronto

Inteligex President and Founder Dr. Michael Fehlings will be giving an update on Cervical Myelopathy at the World Spinal Column Society tomorrow! #innovation #spine #health

There are distinct neuronal subtypes in the #brain and #spinal_cord. Our #SMaRTcells and #InteliCells have the potential to differentiate into exact neuronal subtypes in the spinal cord and restore the interrupted circuits.

Cell transplantation for #SCI should be patient specific. Various injury characteristics such as cause, level, severity, and age divide individuals with SCI into many subgroups. In our #precision_medicine approach, we have developed different cell types for different patients.

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